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Watch Dogs 2 revealed, coming November 15th

Today, Ubisoft officially revealed Watch dogs 2 with a live-stream as well as multiple trailers for their fans.  Watch Dogs 2 will leave Chicago and Aiden Pierce behind for the city by the bay, as the sequel moves sunny San Francisco and the surrounding area of Silicon Valley and Oakland, what the writer Lucien Soulban calls “The Wild West of Technology.”  Ubisoft promises the new world will be more alive and larger than the first Watch Dogs (twice the size according to the game’s director).  Their goal is to make the city feel alive even when the player isn’t interacting with it, with dogs barking at actions of NPCs and police being called on others besides the players.

The world will be populated by many different factions, including the largest tech companies in the world, various criminal groups including bikers, and rival hackers trying to hack into the city wide OS from the first Watch Dogs, ctOS.  The hacking available in Watch Dogs 2 will be wildly expanded from the first title, with the player now being able to hack every single inhabitant of the city and the majority of vehicles.  Players can can cause whole groups of individuals cell phones to ring as a distraction, move vehicles that enemies are hiding behind, or hack into pursuing police vehicles to draw them off your tail.  Ubisoft promises the different gameplay styles of players, like stealth, guns blazing, or hacking will all be available to the player.  So if a player wants to complete the majority of their missions just by hacking, you can do that.


Watch Dogs 2 MarcusThe star of Watch Dogs 2 is Marcus Holloway, a brilliant hacker from Oakland who was gentrified out of his family home, and accused of a crime he did not commit.  Marcus is a quicker character than Aiden Pierce, with a strong base in parkour than Aiden had as well as his weapon of choice.  Marcus uses a billiard ball attached to a rope as his melee weapon for quick, decisive strikes.  Their is still guns of course, which Marcus 3D prints for himself, along with a 3D printed tazer which can allow the player to play through Watch Dogs 2 in a pacifist route.

Marcus is not the lone wolf that Aiden Pierce was, as Watch Dogs 2 emphasizes hacking as more of a group effort than the first title.  Marcus’ early life struggles draw him toward DedSec, which returns from the first Watch Dogs.  This new dedsec is more based in the hacker culture that exists today, as Ubisoft drew a strong focus onto the more troll was of hacking that existed from groups like Lulzsec and Lizard Squad.  There is still a more serious side to DedSec as well, drawing it’s inspiration from real life hacking collective Anonymous.  These different ideals will clash through the story, as certain members of DedSec want the group more militant and others are more idealist.


Watch Dogs 2 Hacking peopleThe seemeless multiplayer from the first title returns as well and is expanded to the point that all missions can be completed in co-op.  As you explore the Bay Area, you will find other players organically, and can party up with them to complete missions or other activities cooperatively.    Ubisoft promises to show additional details of co-op in the coming months.  On top of all these other improvements, Ubisoft said they have taken fan feedback into account and especially have worked on the driving mechanics.  The first title’s driving was sluggish at times, and drew large frustration from players.  Ubisoft has promised a far more responsive experience this time around.

Ubisoft has promised to show even more of Watch Dogs 2 at E3 next week, with a gameplay demo very likely during their press conference on Monday 6-13.  The game will launch this fall on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15th.  For more on Watch Dogs 2, watch Ubiblog’s video which is full of new gameplay and reveals about the game. For more information on the first Watch Dogs, take a look at my review where I called it a ” cocktail of fun that we’ve not yet seen on this generation.”

by, Bobby Marquardt

image credit: Ubiblog and Gamespot