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PlayStation E3 2016 Press Conference Highlights

Sony is the final Press Conference of the year, and like last year they saved the best for last.  There were a few lowlights in the conference, like Skylanders inclusion, so I’ve taken the big moments from the presser and condensed them below for you.  But that’s enough blabbering by me, let’s get started!

1. Kratos is back and in a Norse setting in God of War

Sony opened the press conference with a long and impressive demo for a new God of War game, simply titled God of War.  This demo follows Kratos and a young boy whom calls Kratos his father as they hunt for a deer and are attacked by Trolls.  Kratos no longer wields the Blades of Chaos, instead opting for an axe that is imbued with an ice rune by the look of it.  No release date or window was given for this title.

2. Last Guardian is launching this October!

Finally.  It’s finally happening.  The Last Guardian is actually going to be releasing this October.  Sony dropped a two minute long trailer during the presser and revealed the game will be coming exclusively to PS4 this October 25th.

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn wows with another massive demo

Guerrilla Games showcased a brand new demo of their upcoming action adventure game Horizon with a long extended gameplay demo.  In the demo, Aloy uses her hunter’s vision to determine enemies weak points to find new parts for crafting for her weapons and gadgets.  The demo showcased branching dialogue as well, with Aloy being able to ask a scared villager different questions.  On top of all of that, we saw Aloy tame a wild beast to ride and use in her fight against a Corrupter.  Horizon: Zero Dawn comes out on February 28th.

4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare looks so much better than could be anticipated

When Infinity Ward announced the futuristic sci-fi setting for Infinite Warfare, they received a lot of flack.  Thankfully, this game looks like it is going to deliver as the team premiered an extended gameplay demo for the game during the Sony press conference.  During the demo, the player character Captain Reyes decided where to travel to with his crew, opting to attack an enemy frigate.  Reyes and his team took to their fighters, the Jackals, and put on an almost Ace Combat style demo.  Following that, we witness some zero-G gunfights that look so much better than I anticipated.  Infinite Warfare is coming to consoles and PC on November 4th.

5. Insomniac is making a Spider-man game!

A new Spider-man game from the creators of Ratchet and Clank and Sunset Overdrive?  I’m so in.  Sony revealed that their long time collaborators at Insomniac have taken the reins on the Webhead and will be making a game that is exclusively on PS4.  No release window was revealed, but one could guess it will be near either the July 2017 release of the film, or when it (presumably) releases on Blu Ray (Holiday 2017).

6. Sony Bend is taking us to the zombie apocalypse with Days Gone

Syphon Filter developers Sony Bend have created a new IP set in the zombie apocalypse with Days Gone.  You will play as a survivor “Deacon St. John, a Drifter and bounty hunter who rides the broken road, fighting to survive while searching for a reason to live.”  Sony Bend describes the game as an emotional tale about survivors and what makes them human.  No release window was spoken of, but below is an extended gameplay demo.

7. PS VR is coming this October with 50 games

Sony took a brief pit stop to talk about the PlayStation VR during the conference and to confirm that it will be launching this October 13th for $399.  It will have 50 games available for it, though they did not confirm how many will be there for launch.  Their defintion of games is also potentially suspect, as two of the games they showcased for it (Star Wars Battlefront: VR Mission and Batman Arkham VR) seem like tech demos rather than full games.  They did show off an internally produced game called Farpoint that did get me excited though.

8. Resident Evil 7 is real, first person, in VR, has a demo out right now, and coming out in January.

Holy crap did Capcom go big with this one.  With an absolutely terrifying trailer, Capcom revealed Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.  Capcom is taking the game into first person, with a photo-realistic art style that can also be played through fully in VR.  The game will follow the events of RE6 “taking place in modern day and revolving around a foreboding, derelict plantation mansion in rural America. Players must explore and survive the horrors within the mysterious, sprawling estate.”  Their is a demo available exclusively for PS+ owners right now on PS4, and the game will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24th.

9. Hideo Kojima reveals his next game: Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima revealed himself at the press conference and showed off a trailer for his upcoming game from Kojima Productions.  What the game is actually about is anyone’s guess, but the trailer does feature a naked Norman Reedus (who is the game’s star) holding a baby fetus that transforms in black blood.  Yea, it looks absolutely bonkers, but I am completely onboard.  The game will be a PS4 exclusive, but do not expect to see this game anytime soon.

And that was the massive Sony presser for E3 2016, and I even left out the awesome Detroit Become Human trailer.  What was your favorite moment of the press conference?  How do you think their show stacked up with Microsoft or other publishers?  Let me know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt



XCOM 2 coming to consoles this September


2K Games and Firaxis have announced that the second chapter in the revived XCOM franchise will come to PS4 and Xbox One on September 6th.  The console version is being developed by The Workshop, a studio who has worked on the current-gen versions of The Evil Within and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, as well as Sorcery for the PS3 and the Borderlands 2 DLC  Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage.  IGN reports that the reasoning for the third party studio working on the port is that 2K did not want to divert the resources of Firaxis, who are still working to patch the PC version that currently suffers from issues.

The console version will launch at $59.99, with a digital deluxe edition available for $74.99 that includes the Reinforcements pack (i.e. season pass).  The reinforcement’s pack  will be $19.99 as a standalone product.  XCOM 2 was acclaimed upon release, with Gamespot giving it a 9/10, GameInformer bestowing it a 9.5/10, and IGN rating it 9.3/10.  XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released simultaneously on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, making XCOM 2’s PC only release a bit of a surprise.  While Firaxis did not rule out the console release at the time, they sighted the low sales on consoles as a cause for the PC exclusivity.

This reporter’s opinion: I played XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Within on Xbox 360 so being able to pick up 2 for my console is going to be great.  I’ve held off on picking up XCOM 2 as of yet for financial reasons, so this is an awesome announcement for me.

by, Bobby Marquardt

PlayStation E3 Press Conference recap!

Sony’s E3 press conference is where dreams come true.  While watching this press conference a grown man wept at the announcements, and we all cheered with joy.  I apologize for not have much objectivity, but the excitement this created is unparalleled.  Sony opened with the long awaited Last Guardian.  Yes, The Last Guardian was shown for the first time in nearly a decade.  We got a six minute gameplay demo of the game, and it was revealed it will be launching on PS4 in 2016.

Next up, Guerrilla Games unveiled their newest IP called Horizon: Zero Dawn.  It is set post apocalypse, when humanity is rebuilding all while dealing with robotic animals that look like dinosaurs that roam the landscape.  No release date was announced, but we got a significantly long demo for the game, which culminated in our heroine fighting a mechanized T-Rex of sorts.

Square Enix showed a new trailer next for a new Hitman game with a CG trailer.  No release date or any real info was given, but Square does have their own press conference tomorrow, so expect info then.  Ubisoft followed them announcing exclusive content for the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate would have exclusive content on PlayStation.  They also showed off a trailer for the game’s secondary lead, Evie Frye.

Capcom revealed two new characters for Street Fighter V: Birdie and the returning Cammy.  PS4 owners will also get an exclusive beta starting on July 23rd.  Expect SFV in early 2016.

Hello Games took the stage next and showed off an extended walkthrough of their upcoming sci-fi exploration game No Man’s Sky.  Sean Murray of Hello Games showed the massive scale of the universe, and let us see just what we’d do in the game.  We will be exploring new worlds, scouting new life, and battling the NPC forces that prevent you from doing this.  No release dates were announced.

Media Molecule returned to the PlayStation stage to demo their new game called Dreams.  The unique game will let players create their own dream worlds where anything is possible.  More of the game will be shown at Paris Games Week, but no release window was given again.  We also got a trailer for the upcoming indie title Firewatch, which again had no release window.

Adam Boyes took the stage next to announce the new Destiny Expansion: The Taken King.  It was exactly what was in the leaked document, and Boyes promised that the new expansion would give new supers, as well as PlayStation exclusive maps, strikes and gear.  It launches on September 15th.

Next up we had two Final Fantasy reveals.  One was obviously bigger than the other.  First was a reveal of a Chibi-style World of Final Fantasy. But never mind that, Sony and Square Enix announced a remake of Final Fantasy VII.  A full blown remake of the beloved PS One classic.  No release date was announced but honestly, don’t expect it anytime soon.

Dreams continued to be fulfilled with the announcement of a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3.  That’s right folks, the long awaited game will be made if fans fund the $2 million goal on Kickstarter.  You can fund it here.  It’s expected release window is late 2017, so it’ll be a while.

We also got new trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight which launches next Tuesday, and four new games from Devolver Digital.  Sony went on to talk about Project Morpheus and talked about a few titles that they are bringing to it.  From there, they announced their streaming tv service PlayStation Vue will have an ala carte style of channel purchasing.  So, if you don’t want HGTV, you don’t have to get it.

Sony’s Andrew House announced a new deal with Activision, revealing that all DLC for Black Ops III will be coming to PS4 a month early, a similar deal to Xbox’s in previous years.  We got a four player co-op campaign demo for Black Ops III as well as a multiplayer reveal trailer.  It looks like it takes a lot of ques from Titanfall as well.  Check them both out below.

Star Wars was next, with Sony announcing an exclusive limited edition of Disney Infinity 3.0 that will include the Rise against the Empire playset, and it will be the only place to get it for the first month.  This limited edition will also come with a Boba Fett figure, which will once again be exclusive for a month.  DICE took the stage next to show off their survival mode, which pits four players against 15 waves of co-op.  It all looks really good.  Look for Infinity in September, and then Battlefront on November 17th.

Finally, PlayStation closed with an all new demo for Uncharted 4: Thieves End.  This extended gameplay demo was a return to the swashbuckling style of previous games with Nate and Sully fighting through a bazaar and running away in a 4×4 from a massive APC.  They were chasing Nate’s brother, only for it to end with an awesome grappling hook moment.  Uncharted 4 launches sometime in 2016.

Holy cow.  PlayStation announced a ton of things that everyone has been waiting for, but no real massive titles exclusive for this year.   What was your favorite moment of the presser?  Let me know in the comments below and get hyped for even more E3 tomorrow with Nintendo and Square Enix!

by, Bobby Marquardt

Mega Man Legacy Collection announced, coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC this Summer, 3DS this winter

Capcom has announced that they will be bringing the first six Mega Man games to current generation consoles and PC this Summer.  The announcement came from Capcom’s Unity blog, with the Japanese publisher promising that in addition to the six games as we remember them from the 80s and 90s, buyers will get a challenge mode along with leaderboards and replays.  “Challenge Mode takes moments from each title and weaves them into a series of, well, challenges!” Capcom said in the announcement. “So things like ‘can you do these six areas strung together with one life bar’ or ‘try fighting all six Mega Man 1 bosses in a row.’ And to keep the quest for the best time alive, the top performers in each Challenge will have their replay data uploaded and viewable to everyone!”

On top of that, the collection will feature a digital database filled with every type of enemy you may face in the game.  Capcom included this to help players improve against enemies they may be stuck on. “For example, say you’re tired of playing all the way to Quick Man just to lose over and over. With the database, you can hop directly to him and practice that buster run until you get it down to a science. Then it’s off to the full game for the real deal!”  The collection will also include a digital museum, filled with sketches and art and other materials from the six games’ developments.  The title is being worked on by Digital Eclipse, who previously ported Marvel vs Capcom 2 to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN.  It will cost $14.99 and release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer, with a Nintendo 3DS release to follow this Winter.

Capcom will be streaming the title at E3, and attendees will be able to play the games a few months before it launches.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Fallout 4 announced! Here is our first look at the highly anticipated new entry of Fallout!

The wait is finally over.  Today, Bethesda finally announced Fallout 4 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC and made the announcement with an in-game trailer showcasing the title’s new location: Boston.  Take a look.

Boston has been the long rumored home of Fallout’s fourth main installment, with it going by the name “The Commonwealth”.  Fallout fans likely recognize the name from Fallout 3’s quest “The Replicated Man” where you could help an android escape from his pursuers from “The Institute” (Likely MIT).  Androids were able to escape thanks to one of the Commonwealth’s other faction “The Railroad” who work similar to the Underground Railroad did during the pre-Civil War USA’s south.

Rabid fans can pre-order Fallout 4 right now on Bethesda’s website, with no release date currently officially announced.  According to IGN, initially Bethesda’s site had the release date listed as “TBA 2015” although they have since told IGN that “We haven’t released a date.”  It would be unlikely for the game to officially announced and release less than six months later, as Skyrim was officially announced two years before it’s release, and Fallout 3 was revealed first at E3 2007, before it’s October 2008 release.  Though that’s not to say it’s impossible.  Bethesda has likely been working on the game since at least 2011, if not earlier, and games like Little Big Planet 3 and Far Cry 4 were both announced at E3 2014 and released that Fall.

I’ll do my best to keep you folks updated on all things Fallout 4, and look for the world gameplay premier during Bethesda’s E3 Press Event on Sunday June 14th at 9pm eastern time.

This reporter’s opinion: OH MY GOD IT’S REAL AND IT LOOKS AMAZING.  I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!!! Realistically, I highly doubt we see the game this year.  I would have expected a release date or window at the end of the trailer if it was coming this year.  My guess?  May 2016 or October 2016.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Bloodborne is releasing in Japan on February 5th

Bloodborne, the spiritual successor to Demon Souls, will launch in Japan on February 5th.  The announcement came fromSony during their pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference.  . Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida announced that the FROM Software developed title will have a limited edition, including an art book and soundtrack.  Sony has not revealed when Bloodborne will come to the US or Europe, but the February 5th Japan release date falls in line with Sony’s alleged plan of an early 2015 world wide release of Bloodborne.

by, Bobby Marquardt

PlayStation’s exclusive Destiny content detailed in new trailer

Earlier this year, Bungie revealed that PlayStation owners would recieve exclusive content for Destiny, including gear, weapons, and strike missions.  Today, PlayStation and Bungie have detailed the exclusives in the above trailer.  The first exclusive is the Dust Palace Strike mission.  The PlayStation Blog describes the strike as follows: “You’ll track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper, the Dust Palace, buried in the shifting dunes of Mars and face a new enemy, the Psion Flayers,” .

Next up is the Exodus Blue competitive multiplayer map.  The design looks directly ripped from the campaign’s Earth section, with Bungie describing it as a medium sized map, perfect for Skirmish and Control matches.  “The Exodus Blue, a long-dead vessel, once brought hope and humanity to worlds beyond Earth. Here, Guardians challenge one another, forging a new hope and future in the fires of the Crucible.”  PlayStation owners will also have access to exclusive weapons and armor sets for each class in the game, as well as three unique ships, “Aurora Wake”, “Crypt Hammer”, and “Outrageous Fortune”.

Look for Destiny on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360 on September 9th.  I hope to have a review of it up by one week after launch.

by, Bobby Marquardt