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PS4, Watch Dogs, and Mario Kart 8 lead strong May US sales

WATCH_DOGS™_20140531174442The May NPD sales numbers are in for the US, and the results may surprise you.  On the hardware side, the number one selling console, for the fifth straight month, was the PlayStation 4.  While the PS4 and Xbox One were obviously still in high demand, other consoles were not slouch either.  “Much of May 2014’s hardware growth was due to Xbox One and PS4, there was also year-over-year growth for the Wii U, and PS Vita,” said NPD analyst Liam Callahan.  Neogaf calculates that the Wii U’s software sales were nearly 60k, an 85% increase compared to 2013.  The Nintendo 3DS was the second best selling hardware.

Software sales bore quite a few surprises.  Number one, to the shock of no one, is Watch Dogs.  Ubisoft’s new IP sold over 1 million in it’s first day, and the sales momentum continued from their.  In at the number two spot was Mario Kart 8.  This is incredibly surprising as Mario Kart 8 was only out for TWO DAYS in May.  The positive word of mouth will likely lead to high sales numbers for June as well.  In third we find the PlayStation exclusive MLB 14: The Show.  This marks the second PlayStation exclusive to crack the top three this year, joining Infamous Second Son from March.

Places fourth through tenth are as follows: Wolfenstein: The New Order, Minecraft, The Amazing Spider-man 2, NBA 2K14, Titanfall, Kirby Triple Deluxe, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.  The most shocking of all of these is to see the 3DS exclusive Kirby Triple Deluxe cracking the top ten after a relatively quiet launch.  Callahan spoke about the software sales, saying “Collectively, May 2014 launches sold 800 percent more in dollar sales than May 2013 launches did their respective launch months. New launches represented 50 percent of dollar sales this month, which compared to only 9 percent for new launches in May 2013.”

by, Bobby Marquardt

source: Gamesindustry.biz



Full recap of Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event

Nintendo had their Digital Event for E3 this morning, and you can watch it in full above.  Otherwise, I’ve given you a recap below, complete with with the footage of each game.  The show opened with Nintendo poking fun at itself and it’s fans with sketches produced by Robot Chicken.  These sketches continued throughout the show, and were actually rather humorous, with jokes about Lil Mac’s refusal to take off his gloves, and Bowser just meeting Peach while getting Coffee

We next found ourselves in the midst of a fight between Reggie Fils Amie and Satoru Iwata.  After some anime inspire batling, they took their fight to the Wii U instead, introducing playable Mii fighters to Smash Bros.  They will come in three forms, brawler (reminiscent to Mario), swordsmen (reminiscent of Link), and gunner (reminiscent of Samus).  Sakurai, Smash Bros executive producer, went on to show a trailer for Smash Bros 3DS’ many modes, and give gamers a release date of October 3rd.  The Wii U version is still scheduled for Holiday 2014 release.

Reggie Fils Amie next introduced Nintendo’s foray into the NFC figure world, with Amiibos.  These figures will work across multiple titles, with Smash being the first, and support coming for Mario Kart 8 soon.  The figures will have their own unique stats and attributes, though not much else was divulged on them at this time.  The video below with Nintendo of America’s Bill Trinen better explains the figures as computer controlled AI that get better with each match or race.

Yoshi’s Wooly World was announced next, with it’s developers from Good Feel company, speaking about their studies of yarn and wool to get them just right.  Their is two player coop, and no time limit on levels.  There goal is to bring smiles to the faces of gamers just by owning it.  It is arriving in 2015.

Nintendo next showed a trailer for Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker.  It looks to be a spin-off of Super Mario 3D World, and is coming this Holiday.

It’s here.  We finally got our first look at The Legend of Zelda Wii U.  It was revealed that the game will be open world, with “no set path” for experiences.  The showcase ended with Link battling a robot-spider-like monster, and it looked just plain stunning.  It will be arriving in 2015 (which is way too long away)

Zelda was followed by an all new gameplay trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, showing just how good it will look.  As we previously learned, the game will run on the Pokemon X&Y engine, and have Mega Evolutions.  It is releasing on 3DS on November 21st.

Bayonetta 2 got a new trailer next, and it was revaled that this Wii U exclsuive will also come with the first Bayonetta in the package.  Their will also be Nintendo themed costumes for Bayonetta, including Samus, Peach and Link.  It launches this October.

The developers of Hyrule Warriors spoke on the event, talking about how they hope to make Dynasty Warrior fans out of Zelda fans, and vice versa.  Giant bosses, a staple of Zelda, are being added to Hyrule Warriors to ensure this feels like a Zelda title.  Link and Zelda were confirmed as playable characters, as were Impa and Midna from Twilight Princess.  It is releasing exclusively to Wii U on September 26th.

Kirby: Canvas Curse is getting a sequel of sorts of Wii U with the announcement of Kirby: Rainbow Curse.  Players will draw paths and direct Kirby with the gamepad, and Kirby will get a host of new forms to use including submarine, rocket, and tank.  It will arrive in 2015.

Monolith Software’s X officially has a title: Xenoblade Chronicles X.  Monlith showed off a new story trailer, and revealed a 2015 release window.

Nitnendo next showed off Mario Maker.  This game will let players build and play their own Mario levels, either in classic Mario graphics, or New Super Marios Brothers Wii U graphics.  Coming to Wii U in 2015.

Nintendo closed the show with a brand new IP!  It’s called Splatoon, and is a 4v4 multiplayer shooter, where players try to cover a map with their teams ink.  Oh, and you’re a squid who can transform into human form to fire that ink.

But that was not all!  Nintendo faked us out with the close actually being a new character revealed for Super Smash Bros! Lady Palutena from the Kid Icarus franchise will be joining the fray.

What’d you think of Nitnendo’s E3 Digital Event?  Are you still hungry for more?  Because it looks like we are getting a new Star Fox Wii U announcement this afternoon, so stay tuned!

by, Bobby Marquardt

Nintendo Direct on 2-13-14 Recap!

Nintendo logo

Nintendo did a long Direct today to talk about this Spring’s Wii U and 3DS games.  You can watch the Direct here, if you are more for words I have you covered below.  Any games with available trailers are hyperlinked in their names.

  • We started the show off with the reveal of Little Mac being a new fighter for Super Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS.  He will come with a power-up meter which allows him to gain a KO punch over time.  Could this be OP?  Maybe.  We’ll have to see when Smash releases later this year.
  • Mario Golf World Tour‘s singleplayer mode called Castle Club was detailed.  You play as your Mii and can customize him/her with different clothes clubs and balls.  Each of those clubs and clothes combos give you different abilties.  The Castle Club will allow you to sharpen your skills before taking on friends.  Coming to the 3DS on May 2nd.
  • Kirby Triple Deluxe was shown next.  Iwata went into detail on how each ability you absorb can do multiple things.  Like the horn-head allows you to carry an enemy with you on the horn.  Their are new collectibles called key-chains in the game, and they can be gained through Street Pass as well as in game.  Coming to 3DS on May 2nd as well.
  • Yoshi’s New Island features no level timer, tho if Baby Mario gets away you have to save him in time.  Yoshi can also get transformation that allow him to gain wings or become a jackhammer (not joking).  It launches on 3DS on March 14th.
  • A new free-to-play Steel diver game called Subwars was revealed.  It’s a first person shooter style submarine battle game.  It’s a free-to-play game that gives you two subs to begin with, and a premium version giving you the complete 18 subs.  The free version seems like a mere trial if anything.  Available now on 3DS eShop.
  • Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball is a free-to-play minigame collection which gives you one game to start, and then you can buy the remaining ones.  Interestingly, you can haggle with the game for a lower price.  You can haggle by talking and by offering items you earn in-game.  It launches on the 3DS eShop in April.
  • Pokemon Battle Trozei announced for the 3DS, and it is seems a lot like a Candy Crush Pokebattler.  It features up to four player online play, and coming to the 3DS on March 20th.
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is Emmy’s final adventure with the Professor.  They have added a Street Pass function which allows you to get treasure you otherwise couldn’t.  Coming to the 3DS on February 28th.
  • Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate is coming to the 3DS in America in 2015, and will feature four player online co-op.
  • You can manage a weapon shop inside an RPG in Weapon Shop de Omasse.  You craft the hero’s weapons and armor, and if you screw up, they likely won’t survive their quest.  Coming to the 3DS eShop on February 20th.
  • Inazuma Eleven, the much loved soccer RPG, is on the 3DS eShop right now.
  • Treasurenauts, Shovel Knights, Moon Chronicles, 1001 Spikes, and Retro City Rampage all coming to the Nintendo 3DS eshop.
  • Child of Light, the Ubisoft platformer RPG, is coming to the Wii U eShop on April 20th.
  • Nintendo showed off the launch trailer for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and it features DK riding a Rhino into a tornado.  It’s coming to the Wii U on February 21st with leaderboards.
  • Seven Koopalings are joining Mario Kart 8, which launches on the Wii U on May 30th.
  • New footage of Monolith’s new Wii U exclusive codenamed X was shown.  It featured a fight where players battle a small monster on foot, and then seamlessly jumped into a mech to fight a much bigger monster.  No release date or window was given.
  • The final game shown was Bayonetta 2.  In the new trailer we see that you may be playing as a new character, at least for a little while, during the game.

It was an impressive overall Direct, but once again lacked in the Wii U department.  Yes we saw more from Smash, and X, but their were no real release dates, no new titles, and no hype for the fledgling console.  The 3DS on the other hand got a ton of great games, and I’m probably going to be buying both Kirby and Mario Golf on the 2nd of May.  What did you guys think of the Direct?  Let me know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt

All new Kriby game coming to 3DS in 2014!!!

Kirby has long been one of my favorite characters in gaming, and today’s announcement bring me great joy.  In today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo announced an all new Kirby platformer is coming to the 3DS.  No major details were given, but we know Kirby can jump from the front to the back plane.  Give the trailer a look!

Look for this currently untitled Kirby game in 2014 exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS.

by, Bobby Marquardt