PlayStation E3 Press Conference recap!

Sony’s E3 press conference is where dreams come true.  While watching this press conference a grown man wept at the announcements, and we all cheered with joy.  I apologize for not have much objectivity, but the excitement this created is unparalleled.  Sony opened with the long awaited Last Guardian.  Yes, The Last Guardian was shown for the first time in nearly a decade.  We got a six minute gameplay demo of the game, and it was revealed it will be launching on PS4 in 2016.

Next up, Guerrilla Games unveiled their newest IP called Horizon: Zero Dawn.  It is set post apocalypse, when humanity is rebuilding all while dealing with robotic animals that look like dinosaurs that roam the landscape.  No release date was announced, but we got a significantly long demo for the game, which culminated in our heroine fighting a mechanized T-Rex of sorts.

Square Enix showed a new trailer next for a new Hitman game with a CG trailer.  No release date or any real info was given, but Square does have their own press conference tomorrow, so expect info then.  Ubisoft followed them announcing exclusive content for the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate would have exclusive content on PlayStation.  They also showed off a trailer for the game’s secondary lead, Evie Frye.

Capcom revealed two new characters for Street Fighter V: Birdie and the returning Cammy.  PS4 owners will also get an exclusive beta starting on July 23rd.  Expect SFV in early 2016.

Hello Games took the stage next and showed off an extended walkthrough of their upcoming sci-fi exploration game No Man’s Sky.  Sean Murray of Hello Games showed the massive scale of the universe, and let us see just what we’d do in the game.  We will be exploring new worlds, scouting new life, and battling the NPC forces that prevent you from doing this.  No release dates were announced.

Media Molecule returned to the PlayStation stage to demo their new game called Dreams.  The unique game will let players create their own dream worlds where anything is possible.  More of the game will be shown at Paris Games Week, but no release window was given again.  We also got a trailer for the upcoming indie title Firewatch, which again had no release window.

Adam Boyes took the stage next to announce the new Destiny Expansion: The Taken King.  It was exactly what was in the leaked document, and Boyes promised that the new expansion would give new supers, as well as PlayStation exclusive maps, strikes and gear.  It launches on September 15th.

Next up we had two Final Fantasy reveals.  One was obviously bigger than the other.  First was a reveal of a Chibi-style World of Final Fantasy. But never mind that, Sony and Square Enix announced a remake of Final Fantasy VII.  A full blown remake of the beloved PS One classic.  No release date was announced but honestly, don’t expect it anytime soon.

Dreams continued to be fulfilled with the announcement of a Kickstarter for Shenmue 3.  That’s right folks, the long awaited game will be made if fans fund the $2 million goal on Kickstarter.  You can fund it here.  It’s expected release window is late 2017, so it’ll be a while.

We also got new trailers for Batman: Arkham Knight which launches next Tuesday, and four new games from Devolver Digital.  Sony went on to talk about Project Morpheus and talked about a few titles that they are bringing to it.  From there, they announced their streaming tv service PlayStation Vue will have an ala carte style of channel purchasing.  So, if you don’t want HGTV, you don’t have to get it.

Sony’s Andrew House announced a new deal with Activision, revealing that all DLC for Black Ops III will be coming to PS4 a month early, a similar deal to Xbox’s in previous years.  We got a four player co-op campaign demo for Black Ops III as well as a multiplayer reveal trailer.  It looks like it takes a lot of ques from Titanfall as well.  Check them both out below.

Star Wars was next, with Sony announcing an exclusive limited edition of Disney Infinity 3.0 that will include the Rise against the Empire playset, and it will be the only place to get it for the first month.  This limited edition will also come with a Boba Fett figure, which will once again be exclusive for a month.  DICE took the stage next to show off their survival mode, which pits four players against 15 waves of co-op.  It all looks really good.  Look for Infinity in September, and then Battlefront on November 17th.

Finally, PlayStation closed with an all new demo for Uncharted 4: Thieves End.  This extended gameplay demo was a return to the swashbuckling style of previous games with Nate and Sully fighting through a bazaar and running away in a 4×4 from a massive APC.  They were chasing Nate’s brother, only for it to end with an awesome grappling hook moment.  Uncharted 4 launches sometime in 2016.

Holy cow.  PlayStation announced a ton of things that everyone has been waiting for, but no real massive titles exclusive for this year.   What was your favorite moment of the presser?  Let me know in the comments below and get hyped for even more E3 tomorrow with Nintendo and Square Enix!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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