Destiny’s new expansion “The Taken King” leaked to Kotaku. Out September 15th

destiny 3

According to leaked documents obtained by Kotaku, the next Destiny expansion will be titled The Taken King, and launch on September 15th.  The documents say the expansion will cost $39.99, double the cost of the titles two previous expansions, The Dark Below and The House of Wolves.  The Taken King will also feature new sub-classes to all three of Destiny’s three classes that give each class a new special ability as well.  Kotaku writes these abilities are “an electrical storm for Warlocks (arc); a gravity bow for Hunters (void); and a flaming hammer for Titans (solar). Hardcore Destiny players will notice that each of these abilities revolves around the element each respective class lacks today.”

This expansion will also include things seen in Dark Below and House of Wolves including new strikes, PvP maps, and weapons.  Taken King will also include a brand new raid which will pit players against Oryx, Croata’s older brother who Destiny fans will remember defeating in The Dark Below’s raid.  This expansion will also introduce The Taken, who are being lead by Oryx.  As to whether the Taken will simply be a re-purposed current race or a brand new one is yet to be determined.  This expansion could be the so-called “Comet” expansion that was outlined in court documents during the Activision vs West and Zampella trial, and I’m sure we will hear more about it at E3, likely during PlayStation’s E3 press event.  Bungie announced in their weekly update that they’re heading to E3, so a showing of the Taken King is all but confirmed.  We will keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

By, Bobby MArquardt


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