Nintendo reveals New 3DS, new Xenoblade title will only run on this new model

New 3DSNintendo announced a new version of their popular 3DS handhelds today that will feature a second stick, color coated buttons, and new shoulder buttons.  The new systems were announced during today’s Nintendo Japan Direct, and will be coming to Japan this Fall, with other markets to follow in 2015.  The biggest addition is the inclusion of a second, smaller analog stick, refereed to as a “nub”.  It will function like the C stick from the Nintendo Gamecube.  Their will be an additional shoulder button as well.

These new models will have better processors then previous models, which Nintendo says will allow for faster eShop browsing and downloading.  We know for certain that one game will take full advantage of the new processing power, Xenoblade Chronicles.  The port of the beloved Wii RPG will run exclusively on this new hardware model.  Siliconera reports “The remake is something they’ve previously wanted to do for the Nintendo 3DS, but were not able to due to its lack of CPU power, but now that it’s getting a boost with the newer version, it has been made possible.” The New 3DS will also come with a built in NFC reader on the bottom touchscreen for the launch of Nintendo’s upcoming amibo figures.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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