New Lords of the Fallen trailer showcases it’s gorgeous world

Lords of the Fallen is chugging toward it’s October release, and all signs seem to point to it releasing on schedule.  For those who don’t know, Lords of the Fallen is set in a world where criminals have their crimes tattooed on their bodies, so their sins will never be forgotten.  When the rulers of the world are close to driving evil from their worlds for good, an army of old gods attacks the world.   Our protagonist Harkan is sent to battle these invaders, as they feel only criminals can fight an enemy this powerful.

In the above trailer, we get a detailed look at our new world.  We are taken through both the human lands, and teased at the prospects of the old god’s dimension .  The trailer also teases that you the player will decide the fate of the world.  Explore Lords of the Fallen on October 28th on PS4 and Xbox One.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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