Lockout is the fifth map coming to Halo 2: Anniversary!

Lockout is getting the anniversary treatment for the upcoming Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  The news broke yesterday, with Gamespot revealing that the map will see a few tweaks as well.  In the most noticeable change is on Elbow, the walkway from Bottom Lift to Snipe 1, is now expanded, and has additional cover.  343 assures fans that the cover can be deleted in forge to return to an authentic experience.  On top of that, Shotgun tunnel has recieved a face-lift, now with more terrifyingly detailed flood in the pods that line the hall.  Finally, the front of BR tower now seems easier to jump up.  343 also added the ability to shoot the ice above BR3 to drop onto an enemy.

343 has dubbed the map “Lockdown”, and it will join the refreshes of Sanctuary, Zanzibar, Ascension, and Coagulation as five out of the six maps getting the Anniversary treatment.  Which map will join them as the sixith is anyone’s guess.  Could we see the return of the classic 4v4 map like Beaver Creek or Turf?  Or big team battle standouts like Headlong or Containment?  343 certainly has plenty of great maps to choose from, and I’m sure we’ll learn their selection in the coming weeks.  Look for Halo 2: Anniversary as a portion of Halo: That Master Chief Collection on November 11th, exclusively on Xbox One.

Which map do you want as the final anniversary map?  Let me know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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