Assassin’s Creed Unity delayed two weeks


Assassin’s Creed Unity has been delayed until the second week of November.  In a post on the Ubiblog, Senior Communications Director Gary Steinman made the announcement that Unity will now launch on November 11th in the US, and the 13th in other parts of the world.  “Yes, that’s two weeks after the previously announced release date.” Steinman writes. “But along with big ambition – and even bigger promises – comes a lot of heavy lifting. “This being a fully next-gen game, it requires a lot of work, a lot of production, and a lot of learning,” says Senior Producer Vincent Pontbriand. “It’s always hard to be precise and to quantify exactly how much work is involved. So as we get close to the finish we often realize we’re near the target but we’re not quite there yet.”

Ubisoft went on to cite that they have rebuilt many of the systems for Assassin’s Creed Unity, “Sometimes to improve the experience. Sometimes to improve the gameplay itself. Sometimes to reskin it, to make it look fresh all over again. Or sometimes because we had to make everything online-compatible.”  Assassin’s Creed Unity will face stiff competition on it’s new release date.  Releasing that day as well are Halo: The Master Chief Collection, LEGO Batman 3, another Assassin’s Creed game, Rouge, and another Ubisoft title, The Crew.  It is preceded the week before by Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and launches one week before yet another Ubisoft title, Far Cry 4.

This reporter’s opinion: This is a major blow to Ubisoft.  Releasing Assassin’s Creed before Call of Duty was always a major plus for the company, and now releasing the same day as another one of their own games could prove disastrous.  On top of that, Far Cry 4 releasing just the next week could present problems of it’s own.  I have almost no doubt,  one of those three titles will be pushed back to 2015.  My guess?  The Crew.  There is next to no hype about that game right now, and launching it the week after Call of Duty could be a death blow for the new IP.  I could be entirely wrong, but I still foresee quite a few shakeups in the Fall release schedule.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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