Standalone Xbox One Kinect coming this October for $149.99

kinect xbox oneToday, Microsoft announced the release date of Kinect for Xbox One is October 7th, and it will retail for $149.99.  The announcement came from a post to Xbox Wire, where the staff wrote “When we announced the new Xbox One option, we also shared that we would deliver a standalone Kinect sensor for people that chose to purchase the sensor at a later date.”  Microsoft went on to highlight the many things that Kinect can do for gamers, including it’s gameplay functionality as well as additional services available through voice commands.

The choice to unbundle the Kinect from Xbox One came earlier this year, shortly after Phil Spencer became Head of Xbox.  At the time of that announcement, Spencer said “There’s a lot about Kinect that I love, but we’ve also heard from people that they just like to play games with a controller in their hand and hey play multiplayer through Xbox Live.  And what we wanted to do, was for those people make sure that there’s a version of Xbox that meets that exact needs that they have.”  Since then, Microsoft has practically abandoned the Kinect, with little mention of the device during it’s E3 press conference, and next to no new titles being announced for it.  They have also unveiled two new bundles for the Xbox One at the $399 price point.

This reporter’s opinion:  This price point seems doomed to fail from the beginning.  This is $25 more then the Xbox 360’s Kinect is selling for, and they still had trouble selling that device.  To me, this is Microsoft really finally moving on from Kinect.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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