Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are making a Silent Hill game starring Norman Reedus

Legendary game designer Hideo Kojima is teaming up with famed director Guillermo Del Toro to create a new Silent Hill Game called Silent Hills.  I’m not joking.  This is probably going to be as amazing as it sounds.  The game’s announcement game through an interactive teaser called P.T., which is playable now on the PlayStation 4, ends with the above footage.  It shows the game’s star The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus walking in to a seemingly barren town as the title rises up onto the screen.  The game was teased as almost an independent title, but blew the minds of fan when the first person finished the P.T. teaser.  As players noticed, the quality of the game jumped tremendously when the final teaser played, as compared to the main teaser.

Kojima’s involvement is enough to make anyone excited, and he told gamers he want to scare them more then ever before. “Originally we were thinking a game that would make you pee your pants,” Kojima said during an interview streamed on Konami’s Twitch. “We are aiming for a game that will make you s**t your pants.”  Kojima joked that the Collector’s Edition should include a new pair of pants, though he admitted “If a game is too scary, people just won’t play it.” No release date or platforms were announced, but it’s safe to say the game will be coming to at least the PlayStation 4, and probably the Xbox One.  We’ll give you more information on Silent Hills as soon as we get it.  

by, Bobby Marquardt


One thought on “Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro are making a Silent Hill game starring Norman Reedus

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