Here’s your first look at Assassin Creed: Rouge’s gameplay, with eight minutes in the Artic and nine minutes in the River Valley!

Assassin’s Creed Rouge stormed into Gamescom this year with over fifteen minutes of gameplay.  In the first gameplay, we find Assassin Hunter Shay Patrick Cormac as he traverses the dangerous waters of the Artic.  Cormac will be a combatant in the Seven Years War between the British and French, where he will aid the British by completing various tasks like sinking French ships, capturing French forts, and freeing British prisoners of war.  We get a peek at the game’s improved naval combat, which put a larger emphasis on the ram for both battle and exploration.  The ram will be used to destroy ice in your way as you travel, or crush an enemies ship.  

In the second walkthrough, we find Cormac in a new area called the River Valley.  Here, we get another brief run through on the game’s naval combat, but the majority of the time capturing an Assassin fort.  The fort is ran by a full fledged Assassin, and these men prove to be your greatest opponent yet.  The Assassin can use all of the tactics you learned in the last few games to flee from you or kill you.  This includes air assassinations, smoke bombs, shooting explosive barrels, and a litany of other tactics to slow your advance.  Take a look.

Assassin’s Creed: Rouge launches on November 11th, exclusively on Xbox 360 and PS3.  

by, Bobby Marquardt


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