Sanctuary revealed as one of the six maps for Halo 2: Anniversary

Today at Gamescom, 343 Industries revealed that the fourth official map to join Halo 2: Anniversary will be Sanctuary.  The classic Halo map was revealed in the video above, that showcased four professional Halo legends, Strongside, Walshy, Pistola, and Flamesword competing in a match of 2v2 Slayer.   Everything appears to be exactly how fans remember it, though 343 swapped the sword in the center of the map for rockets (a swap MLG used in their gametypes) for this video.

Sanctuary joins Ascension, Coagulation and Zanzibar as the fourth map confirmed to be receiving the anniversary treatment for Halo: The Master Chief Collection.  What the remaining two maps will be is anyone’s guess, though 343 Industries’ Frank O’Connor has heavily teased the fan favorite map Lockout as one of the remaining two.  Sanctuary and Ascension will be played during the Halo 2 Anniversary tournament being held on the floor of Gamescom this week, so expect even more footage of the two beloved maps to surface as the week goes on.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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