Halo 5 beta news round-up, including the announcement of Midship as the first map!

Today at Gamescom, 343 Industries revealed some tidbits of information about the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians Beta.  Arguably the biggest announcement was the return of Midship for Halo 5.  The beloved Halo 2 and 3 map will return for Halo 5, with a new coat of paint, and a slightly tweaked design to better fit the Halo 5 gameplay style.  As you’ll notice in the video (and photos below) Carbine side has been expanded to give more cover to players on it’s third level, bottom-mid now features a tunnel instead of open spaces, that will likely make a flag run bottom center easier, and their is no upper sword position above top center.  No weapons were shown on the map, so we can’t confirm if the sword has been taken out entirely, though it is doubtful it would be.

Halo 5 Midship

On top of that news, we got a sneak peek at another Halo 5, but this one appears to be a brand new design.  The new map has a look not unlike that seen in Skyline in Halo 4, but features more destruction on the map (a hint at the story of Halo 5 featuring an attack on a human city perhaps?).  343 reiterated that this Beta will be focused on small, arena style maps, with 4v4 combat as their primary purpose.  This new focus on competitive, arena style gameplay, will also see the return of “fair starts” meaning that every player spawns with the same weapon, grenades, and power weapons spawn on map.  More photos then the one below can be found on Beyond Entertainment.

Halo 5 unknown map

343 went on to confirm that the Beta will feature seven maps, three game modes and eleven weapons.  Beyond Entertainment was able to confirm six of the weapons to be the Assault Rifle, Battle Rifle, DMR, SMG, Rocket Launcher, and Sniper Rifle.  On top of all of this news, 343 announced the creation of the Halo Channel.  This channel will be a hub exclusively on Xbox One for all Halo video, Twitch streams, developer video, and Halo Nightfall content this Fall.  The channel will be interactive, with a live scoreboard of matches below the stream as well as a chat to it’s right (should you want to view those).  Integration similar to SmartGlass was shown for Halo: Nightfall, allowing fans to learn even more about characters like Agent Locke.  Rewards and unlockables will be earned by completing different challenges, similar to Halo Waypoint.

The Halo Channel is coming this Fall, with the Beta launching on December 29th.  Both of these will be included in the Halo: Master Chief Collection, which launches on November 11th.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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