First details on WWE 2K15’s story modes revealed along with the first in-game screenshot!

Cena 2k15

As part of IGN’s First initiative, 2K Games has revealed the first details surrounding WWE 2K15’s storymodes.  The first, and primary, storymode is 2K Showcase.  This mode will present two of the WWE’s greatest rivalries in a more up-close “mini documentary” style.  Which two rivalries will this be?  2K didn’t say, but there are a litany of amazin rivalries 2K could use.  Will we see Austin/Rock?  Undertaker/Kane?  Austin/McMahon?  Flair/Steamboat?  Hogan/Andre?  We’ll learn more as the month progresses, but if previous year’s storymodes have been any indication, their will be a great attention to detail.

In addition to 2K Showcase, WWE 2K15 will feature MyCareer for the first time in the series’ history.  The mode is being adapted from the critically acclaimed NBA 2K franchise, and will be molded around the experience of a new superstar trying to make it to the top of the WWE ladder.  Exact details will be revealed soon, but one could surmise that you will take a created WWE superstar from the beginning of their career in NXT all the way to fighting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.  This mode will only be available on the Xbox One and PS4, not on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

WWE 2K15 has a metric ton of new animation and mocap added.  According to IGN, the mocap sessions for the title were done over the course of 50 days, and have five times the amount of animation data as WWE 2K14.  On top of that, all new lines were recorded for the commentary, with over four times as many lines being featured in WWE 2K15.  On top of all of that, WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena tweeted out the first look at in-game character models for WWE 2K15 (Seen above), and it looks nothing short of spectacular.   Expect to learn more about 2K15 as August rolls on, including the game’s roster on August 16th.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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