Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s new trailer sheds light on a world in flames

The hype machine for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare continues to roll, with Sledgehammer Games giving us an all new story trailer today.  Those who have been following along with the many news releases from Sledgehammer won’t find many massive new story details in this trailer, but hot damn is still impressive.  The trailer gives more clarification on how the Atlas Corporation comes to be such a well loved, and respected part of the world.  From there, I’m guessing you can figure out it doesn’t turn into all sunshine and rainbows for the world at large.

On top of the story peek, the trailer showcases tons of the awesome future-tech that will be at your disposal, like the exo-skeleton, thruster packs and spider tanks.  It all looks like a blast to play, and it looks like at least some of these elements are translating to multiplayer.  The trailer ends with a brief sneak peek of the title’s multiplayer.  The peek confirms previous rumors that the exo-skeleton will appear in multiplayer, adding in a super jump ability.  How it will be regualated is still up in the air, but Sledgehammer has promised a full multiplayer reveal on August 11th.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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