Sting joins WWE 2K15 as a pre-order exclusive

WCW wrestler Sting has finally made his way into the WWE.  Revealed during tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw, the Icon of professional wrestling, Sting, will be available as pre-order bonus for WWE 2K15.  The above trailer showcases Sting’s most famous persona, Crow Sting, but it does promise “Two generations of Sting”, which will likely mean we will get War Paint Sting as well.  One less then promising aspect about 2K15 is we have yet to see any gameplay for the title.  This will be WWE’s first game on Xbox One and PS4, but we still have seen nothing as we get closer to the October 28th release date.

For those who don’t follow pro-wrestling, Sting being involved with anything in the WWE is huge deal.  Sting was a main-stay on WCW during the legendary Monday Night War between WWE and WCW, but was one of the last remaining superstars who has never set foot in a WWE ring after WWE purchased WCW in 2000.  Over the last decade, Sting competed in another WWE competitor, TNA Impact Wrestling.  It has been heavily alleged that Sting will be joining the WWE for the past year or so, and his inclusion in 2K15 all but confirms that we will see him inside the squared-circle in the near future.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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