Maya is Killer Instinct Season 2’s next character

Maya killer instinctIron Galaxy is bringing Maya back to Killer Instinct’s battle with Season 2.  The announcement came today at Evo 2014, with Iron Galaxy giving a full presentation on the character.  Maya’s powers come from her daggers, she can lose the daggers, but also level up the daggers.  The daggers act like a boomerang in many ways, and she can recapture them should she lose them.  Iron Galaxy calls Maya a “High risk, High Reward” character.  A new stage is being added as well, called City of Dawn.  It is set in South Africa, inside of ruin in the jungle.

Maya was introduced in Killer Instinct 2, and is the second character shown off for Season 2.  The first was TJ Combo, the Apollo Creed-esc fighter.  Cinder has also been teased, though no announcement has come for that character yet.  Killer Instinct Season 2 is coming to Xbox One this Fall.  It’s being played at Evo this weekend, so if you enjoy great fighting, check it out on Twitch.Tv

by, Bobby Marquardt


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