30 minutes of gameplay from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Bioware is charging forward with development of Dragon Age: Inquisition ahead of it’s Fall release date.  Over the past few days, Bioware has released two slices of Dragon Age Inquisition gameplay, with over 30 minutes total released.  If you are curious as exactly what Dragon Age: Inquisition will actually look like, this is your best opportunity yet.  You get a good look at the game’s updated combat system (including a tactical shield), story, and learn how your actions will effect every region in the game.

As you may have noticed, the tactical camera looks to give players an almost XCom-esc view of the battlefield, and that will certainly change how all players go into battle.  The above gameplay is running on the Xbox One.  Bioware is promising to release even more looks at Dragon Age before it launches on October 7th, so keep it locked here for even more footage of this promising looking RPG.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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