Sunset Overdrive’s latest trailer shows off it’s eight player multiplayer mode: Chaos Squad

Sunset Overdrive’s multiplayer co-op mode was on full display at E3 2014, and developers Insomniac Games have pulled back the curtain for all of we regular joes who couldn’t attend the conference.  Chaos Mode pits up to eight players together to conquer two missions with various objectives.  You get to vote between two options each time as well.  Once those are completed, you must battle in the boss mission: Night Defense.

Night Defense pits players against wave after wave of enemies who are trying to destroy your vats of Overcharge.  It plays out a little bit like a tower defense game, where you must set up traps, and prevent your central hub from being destroyed.  The difficulty can vary based on your votes, but the more difficult it is, the better loot you’re going to get.  Sunset Overdrive launches exclusively on Xbox One on October 28th of this year.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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