Report: Murdered: Soul Suspect developer Airtight games closes

airtight gamesJust a few weeks after shipping Murdered: Soul Suspect, independent developer Artight Games is closed, according to a report by Geekwire.  The company’s Redmond based studio seems to be shuttered, with all of it’s office equipment, including computer monitors and desks, being sold at heavy discounts.  “A small collection of Airtight’s past awards from the E3 video game convention sat on an empty desk, amid a sea of unused monitors and computer equipment.” Geekwire author Todd Bishop wrote after visiting the studio.

Airtight Games developed Murdered: Soul Suspect, Quantum Conundrum and Dark Void over the course of it’s 10 years of independence.  Of these games, only Quantum Conundrum was met with generally good reviews.  Murdered: Souls Suspect and Dark Void received so-so to poor reviews.  The studio laid off 14 employees in April, in what it called a necessary restructuring.  Geekwire and Joystiq have reached out to Airtight’s management, but have recieved any official word on the studio’s potential closure.  We will keep you updated, should we learn more.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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