PlayStation Plus’ July lineup includes Dead Space, Towerfall, and more

July is another good month for PlayStation Plus users, with six more games getting added to the already massive instant games library.  Each of the PlayStation consoles, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, get two games each.  Starting things off, the PS4 will receive Towerfall Ascension and Strider.  Towerfall Ascension is a four player local-multiplayer only title, that pits you and your friends against one another in crazy 2D combat.  Strider is the 2014 reboot from Double Helix games, which puts you into the shoes of the Strider agent.  Using ninja-like moves, ou must battle your way across a unique alternate future.

PS3 owners will receive both Dead Space 3 and Vessel.  Dead Space 3 was the final game in the Dead Space trilogy.  It’s the first Dead Space title to allow two player co-op, so if you and a friend would like to get scared together, this is the way.  Vessel is an idie puzzle platformer based on different elements like lava steam and goo.  PS Vita owners receive Muramasa Rebirth, and Doki-Doki Universe.  Rebirth is an incredibly gorgeous hack-&-slash set in feudal Japan.  Doki-Doki is hand-drawn game that sets you on a journey across the universe to better understand humanity.  All six of these games will be available to download on the 1st of July.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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