Nordic Games acquire THQ Trademark

THQToday, a Nordic Games representative informed Polygon that they had acquired the THQ trademark, and plan on using it on upcoming titles.  Nordic signed an agreement for the THQ trademark, that will allow Nordic to publish games using the THQ name.  Nordic already holds numerous THQ IPs, including MX vs ATV and Darksiders, that were bought during the company’s bankruptcy auction in 2013.

Nordic’s reasoning for the purchase is to raise their brand’s stature.  “It was kind of surprise to some industry veterans and players that we were the winner of the auction of the THQ titles,” General Manager Klemens Kruezer told Polygon. “The challenging fact is nobody has ever heard about Nordic Games before [the THQ auction]. There were so many articles with the headlines ‘Who the fuck is Nordic Games?’ We said, okay they were right.

“We are small team,” General Manager Klemens Kruezer said. “The expectations from outside regarding the IPs of THQ are really high. We see it everyday on our Facebook sites. If we post something new to a project the first comments are, ‘Oh, nice. But what about Darksiders 3?’  While Kruezer couldn’t speak about Darksiders now, he asked for patience, as they don’t want to make “a shitty sequel”.  He teased more announcements to come at Gamescom.

by, Bobby Marquardt

source: Polygon


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