Full recap of EA’s 2014 E3 press conference

EA came into E3 this year to show off games that are coming in the far future, and next week.  They chose to forgo the trailer route, and showed behind the scenes footage of many of their upcoming games, and had some cool new announcements as well.  EA opened the show with two massive words, Star Wars.  We got a behind the scenes journey into DICE’s development on the upcoming Battlefront title.  DICE has captured actual models and props used on the original trilogy, as well as traveled to the locations the movies were filmed to ensure the proper feel of the game.  Early concept footage was shown, but they promised more in Spring 2015.

Dragon Age Inquisition was shown off next, starting with another trailer featuring live cello music that was just plain breathtaking.  Bioware Studio manager Aaron Flynn took to the stage to introduce a massive battle against a High Dragon, the “Apex Predator” of the Dragon Age world.  You have to damage the dragon’s limbs first, and world your way inward.  Dragon Age: Inquisition arrives October 7th.

Bioware teased two more games coming in the future.  The first is the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise, which is being developed by Bioware Montreal.  Casey Hudson, director of the Mass Effect franchise, is working on a new IP with the Bioware Edmenton studio, which was the main studio behind the Mass Effect franchise.  No real footage was shown, but the confirmed that exploring the galaxy and it’s planets will return.

The Sims 4 was showcased next, promising smarter sims then ever before in a “deep simulation”.  For the first time in the franchise, you will be able to control your Sims heart, with highly detailed emotions.  What type of personality you chose for your Sim will effect their future, their loves and their interest.  Your Sim can also laugh to death, so there’s that.  It will arrive on PC December 2nd.

EA UFC was showcased next, with Bruce Lee fighting BJ Penn.  Bruce Lee has long been considered the godfather of MMA, and his inclusion in the game felt like a no brainer.  It showcased a large section of a fight, which ended in Bruce Lee winning via super kick to the jaw.  EA UFC launches next week, on June 17th.  This was followed by EA NHL being demonstrated for the first time.  Calling it the “Next generation of hockey”, all 12 players will have a physics system, as will the puck.  It will arrive on September 9th.

Criterion, developers of the Burnout and Need for Speed franchise, are working on a new IP, and show off some very, very very early footage after EA joked that they “can’t keep anything secret”.  It’s a game all about speed, with vehicles like atvs, boats, helicopters, planes and wingsuits all included.  It will be in first person, and was heavily influenced by athletes first person footage taken via first person cameras like Go-Pros.

EA will return to the golf world next Spring with EA Sports PGA Tour.  The new game is being developed exclusively for next-gen, and will run on the Frostbyte 3 engine.  It promises the world’s greatest courses, and the greatest extreme fantasy course.  The trailer below showcases golfing over a battleship crashing from Battlefield 4.  It’s insanity that I’m going to have to try.

Madden 15 was showcased next, with EA Sports promising improvements to the defensive side of the ball.  The first improvement will shift the camera to behind the defense, as opposed to the camera angle being constantly from the offensive’s perspective.  Tackle cones are coming to the game, which will improve open field tackling.  An Emmy award winning cinematographer from NFL films was brought in to film hundreds of new player emotions as well.

Waystone Games then spoke about their MOBA, Dawngate.  It launched in alpha last year, and has in players hands ever since.  Waystone spoke about the importance of the game’s dialoge with it’s players and why that will create a better MOBA then ever before.  The team also showed off how all of Dawngate’s proceedings are based around an over-arching story, a first a major MOBA.

Mirror’s Edge was on display next, with only early and conceptual footage shown.  DICE wanted to stress how they are working to utilize movement in combat, and present Faith’s attack moves better with the combat.  They also spoke about the movement, allowing more skilled players to move through the environment faster where less skilled players can take less complex routes.  No release date was given.

FIFA will continue it’s juggernaut run this Fall with FIFA 15.  EA is promising that “You will feel the game”.  Players will show emotion based on what happens in the match.  It will feature a new ball physics engine as well.

Battlefield Hardline closed the show with a six minute multiplayer demo.  Featuring insanity like a tanker truck being used as a car bomb, shooting out supports to bring down a bridge, ziplines, and bringing down a massive crane to traverse the environment.  Visceral also announced that the Battlefield Hardline closed beta will launch today on PS4 and PC.  You can sign up now at battlefield.com/hardline

What did you think of the presser?  Let me know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquadt


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