The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is arriving on February 24th, 2015

Thw Ticher 3 is kicking off it’s E3 presence with an incredible trailer.  The two and half minute long trailer below is almost entirely composed of gameplay, and looks simply tremendous.  It gives fans a glimpse into the story, which naturally centers around the Wild Hunt, and the woman who acts as it’s herald.  The trailer also makes many allusions to the players ability to change the world via their choices.  Developer CD Projekt Red promises over 30 different endings.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be at E3 next week, with a gameplay demonstration expected at either Sony or Microsoft’s E3 press conference.  The game will be apart of Twitch’s live E3 coverage, appearing at 4pm pacific time.  This time slot lends credence to the idea that The Witcher will once again make an appearance at Microsoft’s E3 Press conference, as it takes place earlier in the day at 11:30am Central time.


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