Battlefield 3 is free on Origin through June 3rd!


Do you like free games?  Do you like free, great games?  Well EA has you covered.  As part of their On the House program, they have made Battlefield 3 free for all Origin users.  This promotion runs through June 3rd, so get on that quickly!  Players who want to get even more Battlefield 3 can purchase the game’s Premium expansion for $29.99, but that doesn’t sound quite as good as free.

Battlefield 3 is the third game to be free from Origin’s On the House program.  Currently, Plants vs Zombies, last month’s free game, can also be downloaded for free.  The program began with Dead Space, Visceral’s acclaimed horror title, being free from late March through most of April.  It’s odd that Battlefield 3 has such a dramatically shorter “On the House” availability, but maybe EA is planning to give away a bigger game around E3.  Probably not, but I can dream.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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