Microsoft’s CEO has “No intent” to abandon Xbox division

xbox oneMicrosoft’s CEO Satya Nadella says he has no plans to spin-off the Xbox division, Bing, or Surface tablets, despite urging from investors.  “I have no intent to do anything different with Xbox than we are doing today,” Nadella told interviewers at the Code Conference, according to The Verge.  Nadella said he also has no plans to abandon Bing or Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets.  He noted that Bing is integrated in nearly all of Microsoft’s devices, and that it holds approximately 30 percent of the search market.  Microsoft has demonstrated it is still behind the Surface line as well with the unveiling of the Surface Pro 3 last week.

This news comes after two core investors have reportedly been pushing for Nadella to abandon their “non-essential” product lines so that it can focus on the businesses core, selling enterprise software to businesses.  While Nadella does want the company to be more of cloud and mobile company, compared to former CEO Steve Balmer’s vision of a “devices and services” company.  Xbox is also a very profitable division for Microsoft, with it’s sales helping Microsoft reach record profits and revenue for Q2 2014.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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