Metro 2033 and Last Light are coming to next-gen consoles with Metro: Redux

The much loved Metro series is coming to next-gen consoles with Metro: Redux.  Developer 4A Games is revamping both Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light in order to provide a truly next-gen experience that will run at 60 frames per second and 1080p on PS4 (900p on Xbox One according to Deep Silver brand manager Huw Beynon).

4A promises this game is far more then a simple upgrade, with Metro 2033 being rebuilt in Metro: Last Light’s engine, adding many features, like stealth takedowns, to the game.  It has also been given a new lighting engine which makes the levels brighter and more detailed without “losing that soulful, mournful edge that the fans really liked,” Beynon told Polygon.  “[4A] has put a huge focus on lighting.”

MetroMetro Last Light is receiving a slight graphical face-lift as well, and is adding in two features fans have been clamoring for; the ability to check your watch and check your inventory.  It will also come bundled with all of Metro: Last Light’s DLC.  Each game will now have two difficulty modes: survival or spartan.  Survival, modeled after Metro 2033, will make supplies more scarce, give players slower reload speeds, and makes the enemy A.I. even smarter.  Spartan, modeled after Metro: Last Light, is more action oriented.  It gives players more supplies and ammunition as well.  You can play Ranger mode, Metro’s hud-less hardcore difficulty, in either difficulty and in both games.

Metro: Redux will be sold as both a bundle package, and individually to gamers.  The bundle will cost $49.99, and be sold both at retail and on game services like Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam.  Each game will also be sold individually on the likes of Xbox Live, PSN, and Steam for $24.99.  Those who own Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light on Steam can download the games for 50% off.  The game’s are targeted for a Summer release.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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