Hyrule Warriors arrives in Japan in August, playable at E3

Hyrule WarriorsThe Legend of Zelda is getting the Dynasty Warrior treatment this Fall with Hyrule Warriors coming exclusively to the Wii U.  Siliconera is reporting that the game will come with multiple playable characters besides Link.  The first of these known playable characters is Impa, who is among the order sworn to protect th royal family of Hyrule.  Link will be a young soldier in the army who is tasked with saving Princess Zelda from the witch Shia, an all new character created for Hyrule Warriors.

Hyrule Warriors will feature a two player co-op mode, where one player will use the Wii U gamepad as their screen, and the other the television.  Classic Legend of Zelda moves like the spinning sword attack are usable, and bombs will have uses beyond their standard throw at enemies.  While no release date has been announced for the US, it will release in Japan in August.  It will be playable at E3, so we may well see a release date during Nintendo’s E3 Direct on June 10th.

A full album of screenshots for Hyrule Warriors can be found here.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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