Xbox One’s June update includes external hard drive support, auto sign-in and more!

Microsoft is rolling out a big system update in June, which is going to add quite a few of the features that gamers have been clamoring for.  Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and Richard Irving from Xbox’s Engineering team revealed the features of the update in the video above, but I’ll give those of you who don’t want to listen a nice run down.  First off, the Xbox One will finally allow you to automatically sign-in to an account on your Xbox One.  Currently, you must be either identified by Kinect, or manually sign into your account.

The biggest news for this update is that the Xbox One will support external hard drives.  Once the update goes live, gamers can use any external hard drive with 64 GB of storage and up on their Xbox One, as long as it is USB 3.0 compatible.  Once you format the hard drive to work with your Xbox One, it will then become the default storage location for any newly installed or downloaded games and apps. You can theb transport the hard drive to other’s homes and play your games on their Xbox One’s as well (though you must be signed into your account).  Hyrb revealed that you can have two external hard drives running at the same time as well.

xbox One real namesThe June update will add in the ability to use real names with your Xbox Live friends.  You can choose to have your name not shown to any, some, or all of your Xbox Live friends by selecting it from a simple list.  Xbox One Smartglass is being updated as well.  The new update will bring the ability to reorder your Xbox One’s pins to your heart’s content, full access to the OneGuide, and it allows your phone or tablet to become a universal remote thanks to Smartglass.

Full features of Xbox One’s OneGuide will be available in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy once this update goes live.  On top of all of this news, apps like Hulu, Netflix, WWE Network, and more will be available to all Xbox One users, not just Gold users, as the paywall will be taken down with the update.  No release date was given, but Microsoft has previously announced that the paywall around apps would be removed on June 9th, so that seems like a solid guess for a release date.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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