New Halo 5: Guardians concept art shows off Sangheili World

halo-5-guardians-concept-artHalo 5: Guardians was announced today, and with it we got some all new concept art.  Released after Frank O’Connor’s post about the news, the new concept art seems to be of a Sangheili world, because of the massive Elite statue holding an energy sword.  It also appears that the Sangheili’s architecture takes heavy influence from middle eastern cultures like Persia.  The tower in the middle-right, for example looks directly ripped from films like Aladdin or games like Prince of Persia.

Two curious bits about this concept art stand out as well: the lone figure walking into the seemingly deserted Sangheili village, and the flying blobs with entrails in the sky.  The lone figure doesn’t quite looks like a Spartan, but does have a similar cloak to what Chief wore in the E3 2013 teaser for Halo.  This planet could also be the planet where Master Chief walked through the desert in the trailer as well.  The flying blob with entrails are just…… odd.  They remind of Nemacysts from Gears of War, but it’s likely that they are just natural wildlife on the planet.

What do you think of the art?  Let me know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt



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