Xbox Live is removing the gold requirement for apps like Netflix and Hulu

xbox-live-logo-580Alongside the announcement of a Kinect-less Xbox One, Microsoft revealed that this June it will be removing the requirement of Xbox Live Gold to use it’s entertainment apps.  Apps that were previously effected by this decision were the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, WWE Network and many, many more.  This announcement is for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360, so those who use a console as a media player no longer need a Gold membership to do so.  Naturally, they will still require an subscription the apps themselves require.

One thing that will still require a Gold Subscription is all MMO games, including free-to-play games like Happy Wars and World of Tanks.  “Right now we haven’t changed the policy on MMOs and free-to-play games,” Phil Spencer told Joystiq.  He cited engineering, policy, and partnership restraints keep this policy in place.  He said the decision is not just Microsoft’s to make.  Multiplayer will still require an Xbox Live Gold subscription.  This policy change puts Microsoft nearly in-line with Sony’s policies for the PS4, though it offers all online services for free on PS3.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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