Microsoft announces E3 2014 plans

Xbox_Consle_Sensr_controllr_F_TransBG_RGB_2013Microsoft has revealed that the Xbox press briefing will take place on June 9th at 12:30pm eastern time at the Galen Center in Los Angeles.  Fans can watch the press conference on Xbox Live, and Windows Phone, as well as on many gaming websites like IGN and Gametrailers and on television on Spike tv starting at 12:30pm eastern.  It will be called Xbox: Game On.

Major Nelson described the press conference on his blog, writing “During the briefing, you’ll be treated to everything from in-depth looks at previously announced games to trailers for our unannounced games coming in 2014 and beyond.”  On top of that, Microsoft has many “fan centric” events that will be taking place before and after the press conference that they will announce at a later date.

We will have full coverage of Microsoft and every other press conference during E3.  We’ll have full recaps for each, as well as reactions and more news that we learn during gaming’s Christmas week.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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