Nintendo announces a 16 player Smash Bros tournament at E3, and more Nintendo E3 plans revealed

Nintendo has announced their plans for E3 today with a video in partnership with Mega64.  They will once again go for a live stream Direct instead of the traditional press conference, and have multiple live streams from the event with members of the Nintendo Treehouse.  This marks the second year Nintendo will go without a traditional press conference. They will still hold a smaller, behind closed doors conference, but the normal big stage show will be gone.  Last year’s E3 Direct had a large share of technical issues, so hopefully Nintendo fixes those for this year.

Nintendo’s Digital Event is being called “new kind of video program that will reveal and provide further detail about the gaming experiences on the way for Nintendo platforms in 2014 and beyond”.  It will air on Tuesday, June 10th, at 9am Pacific Time.  As I wrote above, Nintendo will also be livestreaming some of their biggest games throughout the show with Live from the Treehouse.  Nintendo describes the streams, saying “Get an in-depth look at some of Nintendo’s hottest games on Nintendo Treehouse: Live @ E3. Join our Treehouse game experts for game demos and much more, livestreaming from the show floor.”

On top of these big announcements, Nintendo will host a Super Smash Bros tournament at E3.  It will feature 16 of the top Smash competitors from around the globe.  They haven’t revealed which competitors will be invited, or which commentators will be commentating, but they promise that news in the coming weeks.  For the majority of us who won’t be invited to E3, Nintendo will have Smash Bros on the Wii U playable at Best Buy locations around the country on June 10th through the 12th.  More details will come with specific locations in the weeks to come.

by, Bobby Marquardt

source: Nintendo @ E3


2 thoughts on “Nintendo announces a 16 player Smash Bros tournament at E3, and more Nintendo E3 plans revealed

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