MLG Technical Director Kieran “Lenox” Phillips joins 343 Industries

Lenox MLGMajor League Gaming Technical Director Kieran “Lenox” Phillips has joined 343 Industries for an unknown role.  The news was revealed in a tweet from Phillips, which proclaimed “First day here at 343 Industries and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. Excited to bring more eSports to the table.”  

Phillips has been with MLG since April of 2007, when he worked on the companies Gears of War, Shadowrun, and Rainbow Six Vegas.  He continued to work in various roles throughout the company, including production assistant, Video Producer, Broadcast Director, Studio Technical Manager and Technical Director through a multitude of games, including Halo 3, Halo Reach, Starcraft 2, various Call of Duty titles and League of Legends.  As I said, Phillips’ role at 343 is currently unknown, but his addition to the studio can only be seen as a positive.

Phillips worked on MLG’s tournament content, controlling the switch of which player’s perspective to show.  It seems 343 is planning to ramp up in-house E-sports content tremendously if they have hired a seven year veteran of the scene.  This is not the first E-sports related hire 343 has made either, with MLG Pro’s Ghostyame, Neighbor, and Dersky all joining the team in the past year, as well as the addition of Blizzard ladder and matchmaking designer John Menke.  We here at The League of Mediocre Gamers wish Lenox all the best at 343.  He’s a tremendous talent for 343 to scoop up, and I hope this continues a great trend toward E-sports for the title.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: Beyond Entertainment


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