Sony Online Entertainment’s president details H1Z1’s monetization plans


John Smedley, Sony Online Entertainment’s President, took to the H1Z1 subreddit this afternoon and discussed the current idea for their upcoming free-to-play Zombie MMO’s monetization plans.  He stressed that the team will not be selling food, water, ammo, guns or anything that is needed to be found in the game.  For the unaware, H1Z1 will function a lot like DayZ where players have to stay alive with food, water, and health kits while avoiding both zombies and other players.

The first plan is selling wearable items.  Things like ski-masks or t-shirts will be available for sale and not degrade like normal items.  Players who kill you can get that item, but it will degrade for them.  When your character respawns again they will still have your purchased items.  Basically, if you bought it, it will always be yours.  It looks like they will be selling boosts, but not any that would effect things like food, water, ammo, guns, or anything that would break the fundamental fun of the game.

Naturally, they will be selling character slots, as they have in nearly every F2P MMO.  Presumably the game will come with one or two slots, and the remainder will cost somewhere between $5 and $10.  SOE will be selling emote packs as well.  The basic ones will be free, but extravagant ones will be sold to players in packs.  SOE is also toying around with the idea of buying crates that are filled with random cool stuff from the game.  This concept has been used in DOTA 2, but they are still unsure about the crate idea.

The final, and most interesting idea to cone from these updates is an air drop.  A care package of food, water, ammo, etc is purchased by one player, and dropped into a random area near them.  All players are alerted to this drop, creating a Hunger Games-esc moment.  “A mad rush for supplies followed by a tense standoff. Basically think of it as instant chaos.”  This is still an idea though (as are nearly all of these monetization plans), and SOE is very open to feedback.  If you’d like to give some, head over to the H1Z1 subreddit.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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