“Lords of the Fallen” brings death, death, more death, and a final success in this new trailer

CI Games is bringing an expansive RPG to the Xbox One, PS4, and Steam this year called Lords of the Fallen.  It’s best described as Dark Souls meets Borderlands with a lot more story.  The combat is challenging, with fighting 10 enemies potentially taking you an hour to get through.  As the trailer above shows, the game will be quite challenging, with each death teaching you more and more about how to defeat your opponents.

Lords of the Fallen is being developed by Deck 13, a German studio that has been working on the game for nearly two years.  Tomasz Gop, a former producer on The Witcher franchise, is the game’s executive producer, with Sniper: Ghost Warrior publisher CI Games publishing the game.  Lords of the Fallen looks like it will prove to be one of the fall’s most challenging games, and we will give you even more news as we get it.  IGN currently has an in-depth preview of the game, including an interview with Tomasz Gop, so if you want to learn more give it a look.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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