Here is 9 minutes of Watch Dogs’ Multiplayer

Watch Dog has been the flag bearer of next-gen ever since it’s reveal in 2012.  It was unfortunately delayed into 2014, missing the new console launch, but it looks like that extra time has made the game better all around.  The new video released today shows off three of Watch Dog’s multiplayer mode.  The first mode shown allow players to target another play via Online Hacking Contracts.  One player finds another inside of his world and must hack that player.  The other player is alerted to their existence, and must stop them to earn XP points to put toward skills.

The next mode shown was another one on one challenge but with one player using the free CTOS mobile app.  The mobile player will control a helicopter and attempts to get the other player captured by the police.  They can use many of the hacks that you would normally use to evade the police, and make your day much worse.  The final mode shown was the eight on eight Decryption multiplayer mode.  Teams will fight over a file that they must hold and decrypt.  This mode seems reminiscent of something you would find in Grand Theft Auto Online, but with much more hacking.

For more Watch Dogs content, an embargo has lifted for game sties to post their thoughts on their five hours of playing the new game.  GiantBomb, Gametrailers, Rev3games and IGN all have great pieces on the Ubisoft’s upcoming open world epic, so if you want to learn more give them a look.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing more trailers, news and more on Watch Dogs as we near it’s May 27th release date, so keep it locked here for any news we learn.  I’ll also be reviewing Watch Dogs, with my review being posted within a week of launch.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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