A freeze is coming in Batman: Arkham Origin’s final DLC launch trailer

Batman: Arkham Origin’s final piece of DLC releases today to the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.  Mr. Freeze takes center stage in the DLC, as he strikes out at Gotham with Batman’s being the cities only chance of a warm sunrise.  This will be Batman’s first battle against Freeze, and see him bring out an all new thermal Batsuit just for the occasion.  Note this DLC takes place just a week after the events of Origins, so Batman with Batman needing to save both the victims and, hopefully, Freeze from himself.

Batman: Arkham Origins was WB Montreal’s first game, and it proved to be a fun outing, although certainly not the best in the Arkham franchise.  Owners of the DLC will certainly enjoy getting to battle one of the Arkham franchises best villains again, though I personally hope he spouts off a few puns, like “All right everyone, Chill!”  and “Revenge….is a dish best served cold.”  I’ll always hold the film Mr. Freeze in a silly place in my heart.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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