New PS4 update will add SHAREfactory, pre-dowloading of pre-ordered games, and more!

PS4’s next update, called Update 1.70, will add many of the features gamers have been clamoring for on the PS4.  The biggest of these additions is the SHAREfactory, which can be boiled down as Sony’s answer to the Xbox One’s upload studio.  Players can edit clips together, add transitions, record commentary over their clips, and even add music over it.  From there, you can upload your creation to Facebook, or onto an external USB storage device to be uploaded to anywhere.

On top of this great addition, gamers can now turn HDCP off, allowing players to capture gameplay footage through the consoles HDMI cable with an external capture device.  In non-capture related news, players who pre-order a game on the PlayStation store will be able to download the game before it’s release date, and then access the game at 12:01am on it’s release date.  This is a system that digital purchasers on PC have been using for many years now, and is a greatly needed feature for consoles to sell as many digital games.

Still no release date was given, but I would presume it’s not too far away now.  Is there anything else you want Sony to add?  Let me know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: PlayStation Blog


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