Titanfall’s first paid map pack announced, called Expedition


During Titanfall’s PAX East panel, respawn has announced the game’s first map pack called Expedition.  It will feature three all new maps: Swampland, Runoff, and War Games. Each map will feature a different sort of theme; Swampland is a jungle based map that shows off a stretch of alien ruins, and allows for players to wallrun in trees, Runoff heavily incorporates water, and War Games being a simulator based map.  These new maps will cost $10, or are apart of the game’s season pass which costs $24.99.  They will arrive in May.

On top of this paid DLC, Respawn is adding a new game mode for free.  “Wingman” will be a 2v2 version of Titanfall’s Last Titan Standing gametype.  For those unfamiliar with Last Titan Standing, it drops you and your team in your Titan’s against your opponents who also start in Titans.  The only way to win is to destroy all the opponents Titans, while having at least one alive for your team.  Making this 2v2 will force players into deep levels of strategy and team work.

Respawn also revealed they are looking into adding competitive aspects like a ranking system and spectator mode.  If you haven’t played Titanfall yet, you really should.  It’s one the funnest multiplayer games in a good while.  If you need more convincing, take a look at my review.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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