Todd Stashwick to co-write Visceral’s Star Wars game

Todd Stashwick
Character actor and writer Todd Stashwick has joined Amy Hennig at EA Visceral to co-write the studio’s upcoming Star Wars game.  The news came in a tweet today from Hennig, who elaborated on the choice saying that Stashwick is a huge gamer, knows Star Wars inside-out and sideways, and is a brilliant writer to boot.” 

Stashwick is likely best known for his role as Ash Murhpy on Justified, his stint on CW’s vampire drama The Originals, and his take on Dracula for CW’s Supernatural.  Stashwick’s credits as a write are much slimmer, but wrote the pilot of SyFy’s Clandestine, and writes a web-comic called “Devil Inside”.  Stashwick previously worked with Amy Hennig on Uncharted PS4 as an actor (even voicing the game’s teaser), before Hennig departed the studio last month.

Little is known for certain about Visceral’s Star Wars game, but it is heavily rumored that the game is an open-world action game being developed by both Visceral and EA Canada, who is currently finishing development on EA Sports UFC.  The game must be relatively early in production though, if they are adding Stashwick and Hennig as writers, not to mention Hennig will be the Creative Director as well.

What do you think of this decision?  Will Stashwick bring the right goods to EA’s next Star Wars game?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: IGN



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