All the news on Amazon’s competitor to the Roku, Apple TV, and Ouya: the Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TVYesterday, Amazon announced, and subsequently released, the Amazon Fire TV.  It works a lot like a Roku or Apple TV, where users can stream movies, tv, and photos to their tvs via the internet.  Streamign services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant, Watch ESPN and VEVO are all supported by the Fire TV.  What the Fire TV does that the Apple TV can only do in a limited fashion is play games.  The Fire TV launched yesterday with nearly 100 games already able to be played.  These games are mostly android ports, but does include quite a few high profile titles like Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Sonic the Hedgehog and The Walking Dead.

The games run in price from free to $7.99.  Amazon will also be having exclusive games on the service, the first of which is Sev Zero.  Sev Zero is a third person tower defense game.  It seems to combine the game Starhawk with Tower Defense gameplay.  It looks like a solid first effort from Amazon Game Studios, but I’m more excited for what they’re doing in the future.

Amazon recently bought Double Helix, the developers of Killer Instinct.  Double Helix has been rumored to be working on a sci-fi action game as well, so who knows where the future for the Fire TV leads.  On top of that, Amazon Game Studios recently hired designers from both Portal and Far Cry, further bolstering their talent pool.

Most folks obvious questions are how much does the Fire TV cost?  It costs $99.99 on  Another question is, how the heck can people play games with a stinking remote control?  Amazon has an answer for that by releasing the Fire Game Controller for $39.99.  Controller buyers will also receive a copy of Sev Zero with their purchase.  Will this be a real competitor to the gaming world?  Only the future will tell, but it’s immediately a competitor in the streaming video world.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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