Complexity wins the 2014 Call of Duty World Championship!



Complexity is your 2014 Call of Duty world champions.  With the roster of Crimsix, Aches, TeePee, and Karma, Complexity defeated Team EnVyUS in a 3-0 clean sweep in the finals.  Seeing Complexity win was not surprising, as they have been one of the most consistent teams in Call of Duty history.  The biggest shock of the tournament came with Australia’s TRIDENT T1 Dotters climbing into the fifth spot out of nowhere.

Complexity took the first match, but went down during the second game of Search and Destroy on Freight.  Complexity dug their heels in and returned to take the game lead 5-4, and went on to win the round with an impressive overtime win, to make the series 2-0.  The final match of Blitz on WarHawk saw EnVyUS down early and never recover.  Complexity seemed to have the game in hand with over three minutes left and defended their own portal until the end to secure their championship.  Full results are below, as we see Optic taking 3rd, Rise at 7th and Team Kaliber finishing out of the money.

1) compLexity ($400,000)
2) Team EnVyUs ($200,000)
3) OpTic Gaming ($120,000)
4) Strictly Business ($100,000)
5) TRIDENT T1 Dotters ($70,000)
6) FaZe ($50,000)
7) Rise ($35,000)
8) VexX Revenge ($25,000)

Congratulations to Complexity on their dominating victory, and enjoy the well deserved pay day.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Thanks to Beyond Entertainment for the placings.


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