Divekick developer Iron Galaxy are the new developers for Killer Instinct

Last month, Killer Instinct developer Double Helix was purchased by Amazon.com.  This left many scratching there heads about who would take over the reins of Microsoft’s incredibly successful free-to-play fighting game.  Today it was announced that Iron Galaxy Games have taken over the development of Killer Instinct.  The Chicago based developer has plenty of prior fighting game experience, creating Divekick, DarkStalkers Resurrection and the port of  Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future.

In an interview of Polygon, Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy, called Killer Instinct “probably the biggest thing we’ve ever done.”  Lang revealed that Iron Galaxy was contancted about developing Killer Instinct from the beginning but did not have a the team sized to do it, as their were then creating the Xbox Live Arcade title Wreckateer.  “I was always kind of bummed out about it,” said Lang. “It’s, like, the one that got away.”

Lang continued, saying that they do not plan on fundamentally altering the great work that Double Helix has already done.  “What they have is not [broken]. What they have is amazing, and it’s good, and we just want to layer new stuff on top of that that keeps the pace intact.”  He went on to praise Microsoft’s hands-off approach to development, and said that this will likely be the largest, and most important, project his studio has ever worked on.  Double Helix’s final work Killer Instinct is releasing the new title update on April 9th, which will include the above character Fulgore, an arcade mode, and spectator modes.

by, Bobby Marquardt

Source: Polygon


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