Report: EA secures rights for Titanfall sequel

TitanFall 2014-03-19 20-44-34-06


According to reports from Polygon and Gamespot, EA will publish the next game in the Titanfall franchise.  The option for the second game in the franchise was reportedly contingent on sales.  As you may guess, Titanfall has already sold quite well.  A source tells Polygon that the game will not be a Microsoft exclusive.  Titanfall currently will only release on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

In November, Vince Zampella tweeted that the decision for lifetime exclusivity of Titanfall was EA’s, not Respawn’s.  EA CFO Blake Jorgensen spoke in November saying that it is very possible that Titanfall sequels will come to other platforms.  “I’m sure that there will be future Titanfalls at some point that may be on multiple product platforms. [I] don’t know, that’s up to the teams that are going through that now,” Jorgensen told Gamespot. “But at the end of the day, we’re excited about this Titanfall and we think it will be a big title and it will be great for Xbox One.”

by, Bobby Marquardt


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