New PS4 updates will expand SHARE button functionality

ps4-hrdware-large7As cool as the Share button on the PS4 is, it’s abilities have been somewhat limited.  The video editing studio is quite limited, and can only upload videos to facebook.  Screenshots can only be sent to Facebook and Twitter.  Fianlly, Twitc and Ustream broadcasts do not archive, seriously limited your ability to have other watch when you aren’t broadcasting live.   Sony is look to rectify these issues in an upcoming update.

Detailed on the PlayStation Blog, a new update coming in the next few weeks will add a slew of new features.  The biggest being that you can export saved films and screenshots created using the Share button to a USB drive.  Presumably, these USB drives will be external hard drives and USB drives, though it makes me wonder if you couldn’t directly connect it to you PC as well.

On top of that, you will add the HDCP off option for capturing gameplay via HDMI.  This will allow for players to capture gameplay via capture card through the HDMI port.  Previously, it requires very difficult work arounds, but it will be far simpler now.  This feature will make it easier for Youtuber who create Let’s Plays or gaming montages to capture gameplay in a much easier fashion.

The final new feature is that Twitch and Ustream broadcasts will now be archived at 720p.  This move is in response to frequent fan requests, and the Xbox One having it’s Twitch broadcasts all automatically archive at 720p.  Sony did not reveal a release date for these improvements, but promised more information on them in the coming weeks.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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