Infinite Crisis soars in open beta today with an all new trailer!

Infinite Crisis has finally gone into Open Beta today, after what has felt like a year.  Turbine is finally letting anyone and everyone get in and test out their upcoming MOBA Infinite Crisis.  For those who are not familiar with it, the best way to describe Infinite Crisis is that it’s a MOBA like League of Legends or DOTA but with DC Comicbook characters like Batman, Doomsday, and Green Lantern.  They also have a wider variety of game modes and maps compared to League.

I’ve been playing since last Fall, and have really enjoyed it.  It’s a fun overall experience, but it certainly has some kinks to still be worked out.  Thankfully it’s still in Beta.  To join in on the DC MOBA fun, head over to

by, Bobby Marquardt


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