Sony on Sony Santa Monica layoffs “Sometimes a project needs a reboot”


Last week, Sony Santa Monica, developers of the God of War franchise, was hit with layoffs.  Sony went on to confirm that 27 employees had been laid-off, but did not comment as to why these employees lost their jobs.  IGN followed up with Sony today, speaking with Scott Rohde, The PlayStation brand’s head of internal software development, about the layoffs.  He started off speaking about the unique framework Sony World Wide Studios has, but noted that not every project can be a success within that framework.

“There’s not a single business on the planet where every single project that is started is a success. And that’s just what happened here,” Rohde said.  “So sometimes, high profile projects or studios need a reboot, and that’s what’s happening here. Santa Monica will always be a hugely important part of our global family of studios. It’s still a huge studio that’s right up there around 200 people, even after the recent layoffs.”  

Rohde reiterrated the important of Sony Santa Monica to PlayStation.  The studio not only develops games in house, but assists with other game’s developments.  Previously, Santa Monica helped with titles like PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Hohokum.  Currently they are helping Ready at Dawn with The Order: 1886.   IGN continued to press Rohde about which project were effected, but he would not say.

“We’re not talking specifically about what projects were going. What I will say is what I said earlier. It’s that, sometimes, a project needs a reboot. So that’s what we’re doing overall with the titles we’re working on there, and the studio itself. And I believe it’s a very good thing for the health of that studio.”  Rohde asked for patience, and said to wait on what Sony Santa Monica would announce next.  He confirmed that AAA retail games would still be coming from the studio, and they will continue to help with development on other games.

by, Bobby Marquardt



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