TwitchPlaysPokemon defeated the Elite Four and won the game! Our journey through Johto starts tomorrow!



After 16 hard days of gaming, it’s finally over.  Twitch Plays Pokemon has defeated the Elite Four and it’s champion to become the new Pokemon League Champion.  For those who missed the final battle, which took place very early this morning so it’s rather understandable if you did, it’s been uploaded to Youtube for all the world to see.

In what can only be described as one of the greatest experiments in gaming history, Twitch Play Pokemon was watched for over one billion minutes, had over 122 million commands issued, and over nine million unique viewers, according to Twitch.    The game has spawned out it’s own unique mythology, with countless memes, pieces of fan art and T-shirt accompanying it.  For the full mythology, the subreddit devoted to Twitch Plays Pokemon has a detailed wiki of the events, or you can listen you our most recent podcast which was devoted to the new internet phenomena,

The final team that took down the Elite Four was Bird Jesus (Pidgeot), ATV (Venomoth), Air Jordan (Lapras), AA-J (Zapdos), The Fonz (Nidoking), and our Lord Helix himself (Omastar).   Tomorrow at 7am eastern time, we will begin a new journey on Twitch Play Pokemon as we start the second generation, and our journey through Johto.   The team I mentioned above will be ported over to Pokemon Silver and used as Red’s team for the final showdown on Mount Silver.  It’s going to be wild ride and I cannot wait for it.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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